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About Ashley Young

Hi! I'm Ashley Young. I'm the COO of The Trimmings. When I'm not dreaming up new ideas to bring to life, I enjoy collecting postcards and scrapbooking. As a child my mother always made the small things a BIG deal (and the big things even BIGGER). I like to dream BIG and I like to do things BIG. If you didn't know I was from California, you'd swear I'm from Texas sometimes!!! I've grown into having a eye for fashion. I have a flair for making just the basics seem appealing. I would love to help you create fabulous memories.

Stay Tuned….


Lots of great things to come in the Fall… stay tuned!!!


The Trimmings


The Trimmings: Is a branch of A Bag Full Of Surprises. A Bag Full Of Suprises is an Event Planning Service started by her mother, the party guru herself Denise Lancaster-Young in 1999. The Trimmings started in Winter 2003 with the ideal of making a wreath and wrapping small gifts in the dorm of University of the Pacific. Yep, Ashley and Alondra (although most call her Lonnie) started out not thinking about business but about giving small gifts and making a small dorm room feel like home. The Trimmings has grown and evolved but always coming back to it’s roots every year.

The Trimmings as you will see through out this site is about making the small things BIGGER and BETTER!!! From PERSONALIZED GIFT WRAPPING to HOLIDAY DECORATING to helping you find just the right outfit by doing some PERSONAL SHOPPING or even just being your EVENT CONCIERGE (after all everyone needs a little help every now and then), The Trimmings is where we remember the little extras because they are a BIG deal!!!